Laminine has been proven to help animals with pain reduction and symptoms of arthritis, skin conditions and a whole list of other health issues.

It goes to work at the stem cell level and starts healing from Day 1. The effect seen on dogs has been nothing short of amazing!

When the FGF (Fibroblast Growth Factor) molecules of Laminine circulate in the blood stream, the FGF molecules will find damaged molecules and work to stimulate the replacement of those damaged cells with BRAND NEW, PERFECT CELLS by directing stem cell differentiation into new, perfect cells..

How do I give Laminine to my pet?

Open a capsule and put the contents in their bowl or in your hand. Allow them to lap it up freely. Most animals like egg protein and hence like Laminine. If needed you can add it to a small amount of another protein they will eat. Laminine is tolerated by most people and animals, as there are no reports of any side effects in the studies off dietary supplementation. It is preferred the animal is given Laminine on an empty stomach, however if this is not feasible, it can be mixed in with the food.

What is the suggested Laminine usage for different animals?

The suggested usage varies by animal. The vets we have consulted with who use Laminine in their practices recommend the following:


”Is Laminine safe for animal consumption?”

While Laminine was not developed specifically for consumption by animals, we have no reports of Laminine causing any adverse reactions in animals. As with human consumption, if you have any specific concerns or questions about if your pet should take Laminine, consult your veterinarian before giving Laminine to your pets.

”How can animals benefit from taking Laminine?”

The benefits of Laminine usage in pets are very similar to that of humans.

”What is the suggested Laminine usage for different animals, such as: cats, dogs, and horses?” 

The suggested usage varies by animal. The vets we have consulted with who use Laminine in their practices recommend the following usage.

For dogs and cats (split equally in order to consume twice daily):

  • 0-40 pounds: ½ to 1 capsule daily
  • 40-80 pounds: 2 capsules daily
  • 80-100 pounds: 3 capsules daily
  • For horses, suggested usage is approximately 4 capsules daily.

”When should pets be given Laminine?” 

If you choose to give your pet Laminine, it is suggested you give Laminine to your pets before meals. Otherwise, Laminine can be mixed in with the pet food.

“Can Laminine benefit pets with joint discomfort?”

Laminine has been known to have a wide range of effects to improve a variety of health concerns in humans. While we have no specific studies on the use of Laminine in animals, we know many animals that have taken Laminine have experienced a decrease in the signs of joint discomfort. The ingredients in Laminine have been known to decrease the signs of joint discomfort in animals as it may stimulate stem cells in the joints, helping to repair articular cartilage of the joints.

”For what other animal health conditions have veterinarians used Laminine for the treatment of and to decrease discomfort?”

Veterinarians who are also LPGN IBOs have used Laminine in their practices for a number of conditions. Read more…